Rhys B Downing

Producer. Mixer. Engineer

I'm Rhys B Downing, a producer, mixer and engineer based in London, England. Over the years I've had the pleasure of working with clients as diverse as Mark Ronson, The Subways, Peter Doherty and A$AP Rocky. I'm always on the lookout for interesting new bands and artists, so if you think we could work together, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Selected discography

Anne Sila - forthcoming album (Decca) P/M/E

Anne Sila - ‘Plus Fort’ single (Decca) P/M/E

Irma - forthcoming album M

Vanishing Twin - ‘Magic & Machines’ (Blank Editions) M

The Paradox Ensemble - ‘Awakening’ (22a) E/M

Ruby Rushton - 'Trudi’s Songbook: Volume Two' (22a) E/M

Elsa Gilles - 'Mon Amour' single (Polydor) M

Calogero - ‘Liberté Cherie’ album (Polydor) E #1 Album

Ruby Rushton - ‘Trudi’s Songbook: Volume One’ E/M

Killjoi - ‘Vol. 1’ album M

Mr Jukes - ‘God First’ album (Island) E

Beatenberg - ‘12 Views of Beatenberg’ (Island) P/E

Type Two Error - forthcoming album P

The Bulletproof Bomb – ‘Limbo’ single P/M

Dedwardians – ‘Kick Me I’m Down’ single (Roadkill) P/M

CIVX – ‘Lights Out’ single P/M

Clare Maguire – ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’ album tracks (Virgin) E

LUH – ‘Spiritual Songs For Lovers to Sing’ album (Mute) E

Beau – ‘That Thing Reality’ album (Kitsune) E/M

CIVX – ‘Smoke Rings’ single P/M

Ruby Rushton – ‘Two For Joy’ album (22a) E/M

The King’s Parade – ‘Bunched Up Letters’ EP M

CIVX – ‘In Trance’ single P/M

Mind Enterprises – ‘Idealist’ album (Because) M

A$AP Rocky – ‘Everyday’ single (RCA) E

Mark Ronson – ‘Uptown Special’ album (RCA) E #1 Album and Single, GRAMMY winning

Action Bronson – ‘Baby Blue feat. Chance The Rapper’ (Atlantic) E

Beau – ‘Beau EP’ (Kitsune) E/M

Life in Film – ‘Here It Comes’ album (+1 Records) E

Adria – ‘Falling’ single String arrangement/programming

Ariane Moffatt – ‘Debout’ single (Simone Records) M

Chris Karloff (Kasabian/Black Onassis) – ‘Never Stop’ track (commercial) M

Years and Years – ‘Desire’, ‘Memo’ live session (Google Play) E/M

Mourning Birds – ‘Mouring Birds’ album (P-VINE) P/E/M

Beau – ‘Karma’ single (Kitsune) E/M

Calogero – ‘Les feux d’artifice’ album (Warner France) E #1 Album

Superfood – ‘Don’t Say That’ album (Infectious) E

Type Two Error – ‘Hung Out To Dry’ B-side P/E/M

Tor Miller – ‘Headlights’ single & forthcoming tracks (Glassnote) E

Fanfarlo – ‘Let’s Go Extinct’ album E

Silver Palms – ‘Georgia Boy’ & ‘Superstar’ singles (Atlantic) E/M

Nörd – ‘Keine Sterne’ single (Stil Vor Talent) M

Plasticines – ‘Back to the Start’ album tracks (Virgin) M

BB Brunes – ‘Long Courrier’ album (Warner) E

Annie Eve – ‘Feversome’ EP (YALC) E

Beaty Heart – ‘Seafood’ single (Heart Throb) E/M

Eliza Doolittle – ‘Let it Rain’ single (Parlophone) M

Tyler James – ‘A Place I Go’ album (Island) E

Sarah Brightman – ‘Closer’ album track (Decca) M

Life in Film – ‘Needles & Pins’ EP, (Sony) E

Cranberries – ‘Roses’ album (Cooking Vinyl) E

Subways – ‘Money and Celebrity’ album (Cooking Vinyl) E